3 Easy Ways to Get More Protein in Your Smoothies

Smoothie Diet

Getting more protein in your smoothie isn’t hard, if you know the right ingredients to use. Protein is one of the three

macronutrients that we need in our diet in order to build muscle and tissue, grow hair, produce necessary antibodies,

and more. Although it’s a huge buzzword in the bodybuilding world for those looking to bulk up and gain muscle, it’s

also important for the lay exerciser, athlete, child, and elderly person as well.

Essentially, everyone’s needs will be different in regards to protein intake based on activity level, but across the

board, the RDA (or Recommended Daily Allowance) for protein is 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight. This

recommendation is taking into consideration overall bodily functions, and the amount of protein that one would need

to consume in order to be healthy. Think of it as a minimum goal – and not exactly a specific total of how much you

should eat during the day.

To break down this intake, look at it this way: take your weight in pounds and divide it by 2.2; this will give you your

weight in kilograms. For example, if someone was 155 pounds and divided that by 2.2, the total would be 70.5

kilograms. From there, multiply by 0.8, and that equals 56 grams of protein that should (at least) be consumed each

day for someone of that weight.

How to Eat Enough Protein

Even with these totals, it can be confusing – and oftentimes a challenge – to get in the full spectrum of protein intake

during the day. Many people think that getting more protein means eating more meat…and you can most certainly

reach your intake this way. However, there are other sources of protein that are high in quality and full of other

nutrients that your body needs as well, such as nuts, avocados, pumpkin seeds, and certain vegetables.

With the hustle and bustle of life and hectic schedules, it can be difficult to be able to hit our macronutrient goals

each day in order to stay healthy…and that’s where smoothies can come into play. Smoothies are an excellent way

to incorporate protein into your diet, and can help round out a full nutrient-dense meal plan. And bonus – all you

need is to have a great blender that can mix up all your ingredients at once; that way, you can be out the door and

on your way with a healthy meal!

Getting More Protein in Your Smoothies

Let’s look at several different ways that you can incorporate more protein into your smoothies, and satisfy your

hunger while getting in the proper nutrients your body needs.

  • Almond Butter: A variation of the classic peanut butter, this nut butter contains a higher amount of essential fatty acids that the body needs…. however, don’t let this fool you! Almond butter contains heart healthy unsaturated fat, and plenty of calcium, magnesium, and iron. With four grams of protein in two tablespoons, almond butter packs a ton of protein into a small serving size…and because the serving is small, you can add more of it to your vanilla protein smoothie!
  • Chia seeds: These tiny black seeds contain high amounts of antioxidants and minerals, and contain over 16 grams of protein in 3.5 ounces. Also packing a punch with all of the essential amino acids – and therefore making chia seeds a high-quality protein choice – these little seeds are perfect for throwing into your chocolate protein smoothie to help keep you full!
  • Hemp seeds: Technically considered a nut, hemp seeds are a fantastic protein source, with over 25% of their overall calories coming from protein. Also known for being a great source of phosphorus and vitamin E, hemp seeds are a perfect plant-based protein source to put in your morning smoothie.

All of these ingredients can be mixed and matched together in order to create the perfect smoothieperfect smoothie recipe – so go

ahead and try different combinations! Remember that if you’re running low on time or ingredients, you can always

substitute with a high-quality protein powder in your smoothie to get the full range of nutritional benefits. It’s always

good to use food sources for your protein though – and all of these ingredients (and more) can help to keep you full,

healthy, and powered throughout your day. Also get a 21 day Smoothie Diet plan

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